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Teaching Philosophy
My goal is to form a relationship with my students that will allow us to work toward the students' goals and have fun. I believe that the golf swing should be a result of the application of sound fundamentals and a golfer's natural ability. Learning the swing fundamentals allows students to create a natural swing that will consistently work for them, even under pressure.
Teaching Approach
I begin all lessons by getting to know my students, and collect information about their ability, goals and limitations.
Analyze and evaluate my students swing and progress.
Help my students learn basic fundamentals, while allowing their swings to remain natural and not manipulated.
I have students work on their short shots first, and then work up to the full swing.
I encourage my students to spend equal practice time on short game, and full swing.
I correct faults in the order they occur in the swing, and limit corrections to one or two at a time.
I evaluate progress and discuss new goals with the student at the end of each lesson.
I recommend drills and give practice assignments to my students; to work on in between lessons.
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